Located in the Paris area, ROTOTECHNIX is a leader in the rotary cutting tools industry. Its employees’ long experience and state-of-the-art machinery permit the company to continually strive for perfection. With help from its customers and in close collaboration with equipment manufacturers, ROTOTECHNIX has developed new, highly efficient tools. Its goal is to optimize customers’ production, always providing them with quality, efficiency and productivity.


When it comes to taking up the toughest technical challenges of your die-cutting process, only high-quality, solid rotary dies can fulfill your needs

ROTOTECHNIX is member of UNFEA www.unfea.org
ROTOTECHNIX is member of AFERA www.afera.com
ROTOTECHNIX is member of FINAT www.finat.com


Highly qualified engineers and technicians, cumulating 500 years of experience, are at your service!